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Occitanie FR EN

Shack Radio F4IIZ

Greetings from far out France.

More specifically, we're located in the Soutwest France, in the region of Occitanie, in a small village at about 20km West from Toulouse.

My name is Christophe an i'am 56 years old.

I have been a licensed Amateur Radio operator since June 19, 2019 and I currently hold a F4 class license (all mmodes).

In the work world, I'am since 25+ years in electronic production. Lots of cool technology , but unfortunately it don't leave much time for radio.

QTH Locator : JN03NP

My history

I started radio in the 80's in SWL with a Realistic Pro-2010 and a Kenwood R2000.


My Realistic PRO-2010 is replaced by a AOR AR-3000 full band 0-2GHz and full mode that I always have.


In 1988, I bought a Yaesu FT-747GX and home made a cubical quad 2 elements.

That year, I started a license preparation Amateur radio 'D' with CW, but i never finished ...

Professional reasons made me stop radio in 1990.

2016, year of the rebirth

I took over the radio in 2016 with the purchase of a Kenwood TS-450S and Sirio vector 4000 antenna.
It is my actual tranceiver.


2019 : change of status

In the 2019-06-18 after 3 months of preparation with F6KGL-F5KFF pdf lessons (many thanks to them !!!) , I get my F4 license.

For mobile operation I have a now a YAESU FT-857D :



I started in 2016 with a Boafeng UV82. Today a use UV5R, GT3-WP and Radioddity GD-77 with OpenGD77 firmware.


Then a Baojie BJ-218, replaced by a MOTOROLA GM950-N3 and a Zastone D9000 with a UHF 8-element directional antenna, UHF Sirio SA 705N and VHF/UHF Diamond X300 vertical antenna.



For mobile operating a CRT MICRON





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